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Sunday 7th 


(De Divina misericordia)

9.30 am PARISH MASS (with Children's Homily) (H.T)

Pro populo 

11.00 am PARISH MASS (S.S)

Pro populo

6.00 pm Said Mass and Benediction (S.S)

Dominic McNeil R.I.P. 

V. 5.30pm

Monday 8th

The Annunciation of Our Lord

12 noon Mass (S.S)

Fr James Elston

Tuesday 9th


10.00am Mass of Requiem (S.S)

Teofila Berin Soriano R.I.P.
12 noon Mass of Requiem (S.S) 

Stanley Hubert Lawrence R.I.P. 

Wednesday 10th


8.00am Mass (S.S) 

Anne Gardner 
2.30pm Mass at Maitland Park 

The Residents 

Thursday 11th

S. Stanislaus

12 noon Mass (S.S) 

Jean Wilson R.I.P. 

Friday 12th


7.00pm Mass (S.S) 

Lorraine McQueen R.I.P. 

Saturday 13th

S. Martin I

10.00am Mass (Latin) (S.S) 

Eileen Bromwich 

Next Sunday 14th


(De Divina misericordia)

9.30am PARISH MASS (H.T)

11.00am PARISH MASS (S.S) 

6.00pm Said Mass and Benediction (S.S)

Confessions: by appointment only.



TODAY we are very grateful to Fr Stephen Miller for coming to celebrate both Parish Masses this morning: it is very good to have him with us again. There will, as usual, be coffee, tea etc. in the Church Hall after Mass and we hope you will be able to stay. 

OUR NEW PARISH PRIEST has been appointed. He is Fr Philip Corbett, currently the Parish Priest of All Saints, Notting Hill with S. Michael, Ladbroke Grove, and will be licensed by our Bishop on Monday 8th July. We very much look forward to his arrival and to a new chapter in the life of this Parish; our thanks go to all the priests, the churchwardens and the many others who have worked so hard to ensure that our worship and our care for the Parish has continued unbroken for over nine months.


OUR COLLECTION ON GOOD FRIDAY during the Veneration of the Cross, amounted to £251, which is a stunning result. This will be sent to the Sisters of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa, towards their work in India. Very many thanks. 

THE MAY DEVOTION is only a month away, on Saturday 4th May. This is one of the principal. events of the year when we welcome the Society of Mary to our parish , which bring people travelling from all over the country to celebrate Mary's protection for us. 


The programme is as follows: 
12 noon Solemn Pontifical Mass in S. Silas, celebrated by Bishop Jonathan, followed by a Procession through the streets to Holy Trinity 
1.50pm Lunch in Holy Trinity Church Hall (£10, payable on the door) 
3.30pm A.G.M. of the Society in Holy Trinity Church 
4.00pm Solemn Vespers of Our Lady, Homily and Pontifical Benediction in Holy Trinity (Preacher: The Bishop of Oswestry) We shall need many of our children to help with the Procession and I shall write to them when school begins again, and we need lots of other help on the day. Please make a note of the date now. 

PLEASE PRAY FOR those caught up in the war in the Middle East and in Ukraine; for all who teach and learn in our school; for the sick commended to us - Eileen Bromwich, Ginny Green, David Roberts, David Woolf, Leonard Hearne, Su Beard, Jeff Cridland (Pr), Caroline Essl, Hector Chisholm, Stephen Doyle, Peter Hearn, Patricia Stephenson, Doreen Moodie, Peter Piddock, Ian Macgregor, Gabi Cancello, Una Wade, Veronica Lavin, Amber Arthurs, Julia Power, John Nelson, Kay Farrell, Carlos Stinson, John Nix, Joyce Nix, Gill Bell, Brenda Yazdi, Dennis Holmes, Michael Trodd, Hazel Hallam, Toni Disbury, Pauline Ansley, Pam Ansley, Gary McNeill, Jim Reeves, Bryan Fisher, Micheline Lobjois; for all who have died especially Teofila Soriano, Anthony Hubbuck (recent) Hylda Lancaster, Edward Baverstock (Pr), Emily Holder, William Hanks, Lorraine McQueen, Joan Walsh, Dominic McNeil, Elizabeth Greany, Patricia Hughes, Jean Wilson, Noreen Stook, Jessie Edmonds, Matthew Kilminster (Anniversaries). 

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