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Sunday 21st


9.30am PARISH MASS (with Children's Homily) (H.T)

Pro populo 

11.00am  PARISH MASS (S.S)

Pro populo

6.00pm Said Mass and Benediction (S.S)

John Fry R.I.P.

Monday 22nd

S. Mary Magdalene 

12 noon Mass (S.S.)  
St Mary Magdalene, Millfield   

Tuesday 23rd

S. Bridget of Sweden

12 noon Mass (S.S.)

Religious Life 

Wednesday 24th


8am Mass (S.S) 
9.30am School Leavers’ Service (H.T)

Our School     
2.30pm Mass
(Maitland Park)

Thursday 25th

S. James

12 noon Mass (S.S.)

St James, Darlington 

Friday 26th

of Our Lady 

11.30am Mass and Blessing of Pilgrims (S.S.)

Our pilgrimage to Walsingham      

Saturday 27th


No Mass

Next Sunday 28th


9.30am PARISH MASS (with Children’s Homily) (H.T.)  11.00am PARISH MASS (S.S) 
6.00pm Said Mass and Benediction


Confessions: Before any Mass and by appointment.



TODAY there will, as usual, be coffee, tea etc. at the back of church at Holy Trinity and in the Church Hall at S. Silas after Mass and we hope you will be able to stay.


WELL DONE! Very well done to all of the children at our School who have performed in Julius Caesar this past week. All of the performances were amazing. It is wonderful to have such a commitment to drama and performance in our school. As term comes to an end we pray for those pupils moving on and those who will return.


SOCIAL MEDIA Whilst social media is no replacement for a personal invitation to come to Mass, the parish now has a social media presence on Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram. You can find the accounts by searching for ‘St Silas and Holy Trinity Kentish Town’ or @StSilasNW5. If you, your family, or friends have social media accounts do please follow the parish and spread the word.


VISITING If you would like a visit at home from Fr Philip please be in touch with him.


WALSINGHAM PILGRIMAGE Next weekend we are making the pilgrimage to Walsingham. There will be a pilgrim Mass and blessing of pilgrims at 11.30am on Friday, and the bus leaves at 12 noon. Please remember to bring all that you will need  - especially any medication, and a torch for the dark nights! If you are unable to come and have intercessions you would like brought to Our Lady’s feet please let Fr Philip know.


PLEASE PRAY FOR those caught up in the war in the Middle East and in Ukraine; for all who teach and learn in our school; for the sick commended to us – Eileen Bromwich, Ginny Green, David Roberts, David Woolf, Leonard Hearne, Su Beard, Jeff Cridland (Pr), Caroline Essl, Hector Chisholm, Norma Chisholm, Stephen Doyle, Peter Hearn, Patricia Stephenson, Doreen Moodie, Peter Piddock, Ian Macgregor, Gabi Cancello, Veronica Lavin, Julia Power, John Nelson, Kay Farrell, Carlos Stinson, John Nix, Joyce Nix, Gill Bell, Brenda Yazdi, Dennis Holmes, Michael Trodd, Hazel Hallam, Toni Disbury, Pauline Ansley, Pam Ansley, Earl Foster, Melvin Murray, Bert Brace, Clare Smith, Dave McWilliams and Micheline Lobjois; for all who have died especially John Fry (recently departed) Ernest Smith, Kwabena Mensah, Mary Hughes, Elaine Monkhouse, Emma Schollar, James Johnson, Alice Hall, Frank Thompson, Dorothea Tugwell, Maud Shingler, Charles Burnell Selby (Pr), Susie Jackson, Philippe Teule, Lily Hepper, Katharine Guy, Louis Evaristi, Doreen Phillips, Ronald Rowlands, Edith Knightley, Henry Barton, Laura Enoch and George Dennis. 

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