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Welcome to our Parish. In the streets and estates of the western part of Kentish Town, the Churches of Saint Silas and the Most Holy Trinity continue to witness to God’s love and to exercise his care for all those who live here.

The Church of the Most Holy Trinity was the first to be built in the area and consecrated in 1850. Its first Parish Priest, David Lloyd, got his priorities right and built the school first in 1847, which in those days provided a free education for 600 children from the area: it was also used as the place of worship on Sundays until the arrival of the Church. It is still an excellent local school, now for 210 children and creates a community in which all, staff, children and parents, feel at home.


From the beginning, the worship offered at Holy Trinity was ‘Tractarian’ with an emphasis on the Church’s Sacramental Life. The building suffered during the Second World War and managed to keep going, but was in a sorry state for 20 or more years. When the Church of S. Barnabas on Kentish Town Road was given to the growing local Greek community in 1954, we took on the care of that Parish and some of the furnishings were moved to Holy Trinity. The building was then restored with government funds and re-dedicated in 1960. We now have a flourishing congregation on Sundays: at the Parish Mass our choir sing twice a month and our children take an active part in the worship, We also have close links with the school which is just across the road: the school uses the Church and Church Hall every day and there is a weekly school Mass.

Fr Graeme

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